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How to make a cracked paint

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How to make a cracked paint


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For the example, I took a piece of board that was lying around. The best thing is to have a smooth surface so do not hesitate to sand down before if it is raw wood.

For my part I had sanded the whole cabinet and then applied varnish in places, just where I wanted the paint to crack.

The important thing is above all the difference in the type of product (glycero for the lower layer and acrylic for the upper layer).

If you have a piece of furniture already painted, it is up to you to see if this color appears under the cracks. Otherwise you just have to sand to have the raw wood underneath.

If you try with acrylic varnish and acrylic paint also, don't hesitate to tell me if it has the same effect, I haven't tried it yet.

I had a pot of polyurethane exterior varnish and for painting, an acrylic for wood, but any other paint will work just as well (as long as it's an acrylic).

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For the tutorial I therefore applied the varnish on the middle of the board so that we can clearly see the difference once finished.
Do not hesitate to put a good coat, because too thin, the varnish will just penetrate the wood and you will have to start again.
There, it is necessary to wait until the varnish is almost dry.

Neither too much nor not enough!
Touch with your finger, when you feel it sticks slightly and it is no longer really liquid, then you can apply your paint.


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Again, don't hesitate to apply a good coat of paint.

Waiting for the right moment allows the paint to not mix with the varnish, or vice versa, that the varnish effect does not work at all if it is already dry.
And now you just have to wait for the paint to dry and the reaction to take place.


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After a night of drying here is the result.

The varnish and the paint have finished drying with a beautiful cracking effect which has almost magically happened!

You just have to try it on the piece of furniture you want to redo, with your favorite colors.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, opinions ... don't hesitate to contact me.

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